I was slow on the uptake with Twitter. So, so slow. I’ve yet to tweet my first tweet, and I’m not sure if tweet should be capitalized. Is it proper? Am I?

The assignment, this week, is to follow some DH tweeters and either retweet or blog about what we find and, since my first tweet will absolutely not belong to someone else, here I am.

I am now, officially, a follower of @dhnow, @HASTAC, and @HybridPed. Of the three, I actually like Hybrid Pedagogy the best, both because of its pedagogical focus and because it (they?) tend to retweet loads of material, so I can read more broadly. That said, Digital Humanities Now and HASTAC are bigger and maybe more authoritative, so I feel like I’m covering my bases.

This essay, by Chris Friend, about stepping back and allowing students real space in class discussion, has been floating around my Facebook feed for a bit, but I didn’t check it out until I saw it tweeted and retweeted several times by @HybridPed. It turns out it was published digitally by Hybrid Pedagogy and, although it only deals with digital technology peripherally, there is important work done within that bumps up against DH issues of access and collaboration in productive ways.

A quick, yet pedagogically vital, read. I’m glad I took the time to check it out.