I’m not posting my map today, because it’s got all of the locations I visit in a week with my family and the idea of that being available online creeped me out. I did share the map with our Dr. Travis, though, and I have to say that I had fun making it, although I suspect it’s not very well done and I know it’s not very academic.

The only thing that irritated me about the project was how little I could actually accomplish without paying for an upgraded membership, which I’m not willing to do at this point. I was able to map all of the locations but, when I began adding transportation directions (with the plan of calculating just how much ground I cover in a single week), I maxed out. I was able to include a couple of driving directions (for example, I picked one daughter up at school and took her to a couple of extracurriculars) but soon thereafter I was prompted to upgrade to a professional membership if I wished to continue adding “layers” to my map.

So much for free and open access, although I guess we can only expect so much of Google!

Update: After creating my first map and sending it off to Dr. Travis, I was awakened before the sun rose on Saturday morning to help my daughter plan a walking tour of Central Park that our family was encouraged (read: required) by her teacher to do this weekend in preparation for a mapping project they’ll do in class next week. About halfway into my first cup of coffee, it occurred to me that I could use my new knowledge of Google’s Map Engine to create a map! Again, I couldn’t actually map walking paths, but just being able to tag all of the locations we needed to visit was an enormous help. So here it is for you to check out. A nice, relaxing Saturday morning walk. (Anyone feel bad for me?)